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Hello, my name is Lauren!

What I Do for the Clients of MSPH

I check clients in and take a history of their pet, especially noting any concerns they might have. Through this process, I get to connect with clients and build a relationship with both them and their, which I love!

My Background and Experience

I have volunteered at the Humane Society for 12 years as well as worked there for about a year. Recently, I decided to pursue working in a general practice and found my spot at Mountain Shadows. In addition to working, I am also studying to graduate with a veterinary assistant certification.

Why Did I Choose Vet Med? 

My whole life I have been drawn to animals. Being around them makes me incredibly happy and fulfilled. I was unsure if I wanted to follow my passion when choosing a career path, considering all the heartache that comes with the vet med career. I started volunteering at my local shelter and soon realized this is exactly the career I wanted to pursue. The fulfillment and joy I get from taking care of animals in need will never compare to any other career choice I could have made. 

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